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This week Rnold Smith and Michelle Falcone sit down with Francesca Anastasi on the Succeed Against The Odds Podcast and discuss the launch of The Connection App. Focusing on how it can be used to help develop and sustain habits to build stronger connections and more meaningful relationships.

When you look at the demands of our society today, often times, those relationships get squeezed out from other commitments… whether it be work, kids or that pesky screen… and often people start neglecting relationships in little ways and then the connection kind of wanes.

Most people are somewhere between the “Honeymoon Phase” and having problems that need professional intervention to solve them. The help available for those couples is either expensive, or inconvenient, or both. Rnold and Michelle have found a fun solution to help couples one small habit at a time.

During the episode:

  • [2:10] Helping people actually implement the information so they can get new results in life
  • [4:21] Practicing the habits, integrating them in daily life in a fun way
  • [5:37] What prompted the creation of the Connection App
  • [11:13] Personal growth and personal development at the base of strong relationships
  • [12:09] The staggering statistics of loneliness between teens and young adults
  • [14:44] The fun incentives in the app that help you stay on track

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