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Patrons and Allies

Attention business owners! Want to help couples deepen their connection and grow your business at the same time? Become a Patron of Connection.

Our system allows your business to simultaneously help your customers lead more fulfilling lives while positioning your products and services as a valuable contribution to their success.

Reward Points — How It Works

The Connection App members earn reward points by doing relationship enhancing programs.

These points incentivise the actions that lead to habit formation. Reward points can then be used to redeem offers from Patrons. Offers are designed to drive buying behaviour such as Discounts, Free Upgrades, or Gifts with Purchase. Because your products are desirable to our audience, they will be considered rewards.


Not for Profits

Do you want an easy way to raise funds for your organization? Simply ask us for your unique fundraising link share it with your network and get paid. To learn more simply send us a quick note. Learn how we help.


Become a Connector

One of the most rewarding ways to earn an income is to create lasting happiness in others. That is the opportunity available to you with The Connection App: simply download the App, share your unique link to drive people to our high converting web page, then watch the money roll in. Right now you can earn $50 for each person you refer who buys a Lifetime Membership.

Are you interested in being a Connector? Request an invitation today.

Are You an Influencer?

If you have a platform with over 10,000 followers, please inquire about the special sales materials available to help you make the most of your connections.


Do the Challenge
For a Chance to Win!

Participate in Challenges — and create a deeper & more meaningful connection with your partner — and be entered to win prizes.

Earn one prize draw entry every time you complete and save a Celebration Reflection (“Reflect”), record the Number of times you practised gratitude ("Record") and your Connection Practice Ratings (“Rate”) in the App. Record, Reflect and Rate for 5 consecutive days in one week and you will earn an additional 5 entries. Record them for 7 consecutive days in one week and you will earn yet another 5 entries.

1st Prize

A performance by award winning comic Greg Ketner ($1,500 value) at your next function.

2nd Prize

The Team Wellness Leadership Challenge for up to 100 people from  Connection Apps Inc. ($2,500 value).

3rd Prize

a $100 gift card to your favourite local business.

No purchase necessary.

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Love Where You Work!

If you can raise your brain's level of positivity in the present, you will obtain what science calls the happiness advantage. In fact, every single business outcome improves when you are happy or feeling positive.

Shawn Achor — Harvard Professor,
and author of The Happiness Advantage