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If you can raise your brain’s level of positivity in the present, you will obtain what science calls the happiness advantage. In fact, every single business outcome improves when you are happy or feeling positive.

Shawn Achor — Harvard Professor,
and author of The Happiness Advantage

Employee Benefits

Including our habit building Apps in your employee benefits package can help to create a workplace people love

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Company Connection Challenge Package

Optimize your workforce with the Company Connection Challenge package and create a workplace people love

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Co-Brand Our App for Your Organization

A custom branded app to enable
developing the habits that lead
to lasting organizational success

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Employee Benefits Packages

An Excellent Workforce Benefit: Supporting Your Employees’ Relationships

Giving your employees access to The Connection Apps through your workplace benefits package will create tangible benefits.

When someone is struggling at home, it makes it harder for them to be successful at the office. Modern society is busy and it is easy to forget to connect with the people you care about. It’s no wonder that the number one reason given for why marriages end is “we drifted apart”.

Ensuring your employee’s home-life is great even during your most demanding times is what The Connection App for Couples was built to accomplish. The Connection App habit building platform helps them to develop and integrate the skills that lead to deeper connection between people so that important relationships don’t accidentally end.

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Employee Benefits Packages

Company Connection Challenge Package

Are looking for a way to quickly and easily inject more positivity into your work environment? A Company Connection Challenge is an excellent way to create positive momentum among teams, business units or your entire organization.

A Company Connection Challenge is designed to help people integrate the Connection Habits into their workday. Each time a person practices one of the habits a positive moment is generated making the experience of work more enjoyable.

Managing complex programs or spending large amounts of money on external coaches are typically not sustainable even if they can be effective. A Company Connection Challenge requires less time to implement and manage as the in-app Challenges are both self explanatory and self guided.

Plus, anyone who participates in our Connection Challenges earns entries to win prizes! You can easily add your own prize specific to your company to further incentivise participation.

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Company Connection Challenge Package

Co-Brand Our App for Your Organization

A co-branded app will allow your organization to offer custom people development programs — a strategic and cost-effective way to build employee loyalty and create a more effective and positive work environment.

Having your own app makes it easier to address some of the biggest challenges facing business owners, executives, and people managers. Companies like Coca-Cola have invested hundreds of thousands of dollars creating their own people development apps. Projects typically require an intense effort from a team of experts for months or even years. That’s the hard way.

Why not simply find a customizable platform, add your branding to it and have your own people development app in a matter of weeks for a fraction of the cost?

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Co-Brand Our App for Your Organization

Take a Challenge
For a Chance to Win!

Participate in Challenges — and create a deeper & more meaningful connection with your partner — and be entered to win our annual grand prize (a $2,500 CDN vacation package for 2) and other great prizes!

Earn one prize draw entry every time you complete and save a Celebration Reflection (“Celebrations”) and your Connection Practice Ratings (“Ratings”) in the App. Record your Celebrations and Ratings for 5 consecutive days in one week and you will earn an additional 5 entries. Record them for 7 consecutive days in one week and you will earn yet another 5 entries.

No purchase necessary. Official contest rules.

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